Welcome to Fatty Fun Page!

Well you missed all the live supermodel chat and fun !!
So Fattys enter here at your peril!!

To see super sexy slim new pix of me all you have to do is to answer some of these questions on here about fattys and then tell me the answers
Fatty Question 1
Who's enormous ass is this?

Fatty Question 2
Which model has taken to getting drunk, wearing no make up, gaining weight and looking like this?

Fatty Question 3
Who turned BAYwatch into BLOBwatch!!?

These BLOBWATCH pix are CRYING out for captions!! (The one on the phone-hey mom what does cellulite mean??) Give me some more!!

Fatty Question 4
How does a slim model turn into a megablimp??

Slim-----------Bulging-----------Double chin-fat ass-----fat and drab
You get a bonus pic of me if you can tell me who she is!!

Fatty Question 5
Yet another super slim model/singer who has turned to flab.
So why wear a bikini honey!!??
So who is it?

Fatty Question 6

Who are the two fattys? Get this and u get a brand new pic of me in a very tight white outfit!!

Thankyou. I want to win!! Just click on this picture of me taken last summer and chosen to be the photo used in the contest and write my name 'Maria Masters' in the subject line