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Here is a list of women who are successful, beautiful and FAT!
I have only included women who have publicly claimed
acceptance of their status as fat women.

Camryn Manheim

Camryn is the Emmy Award winning actress from The Practice and author of Wake Up, I'm Fat!
She is a high-profile activist for the fat acceptance movement.


Emme is the most successful North American large size model, and host of E!'s Fashion Emergency

Kathy Najimy

Comedian, activist, actress and Lane Bryant model, Kathy does it all!

Margaret Cho

Comedian and activist Margaret Cho knows the truth and how to tell it!

Marilyn Wann

Fat activist and author of FAT!SO?, Marilyn Wann is a leader in the fat acceptance movement.
 She works to raise the issue of weight discrimination, coming out as a fat person,
workplace discrimination, and kids' suicides linked to teasing about weight.

Kathy Bates

Academy award winning actress, whose talent cannot be denied,
Kathy is the most visible and highest paid large size actress ever!

Lori Beth Denberg

Lori Beth has starred in numerous shows on Nickelodeon and is a role model to millions of teens.

Delta Burke

From beauty queen to Designing Women to fashion designer, Delta leads a very full life.

Rosie O'Donnell

The queen of afternoon talk, Rosie's power and influence affects millions of viewer everyday.


Roseanne has changed how families and fat women are portrayed on television.

Candye Kane

The One and only Queen Of Swing!!!
The former welfare mother, porn star, stripper, and Juggs magazine pin-up girl
was actually a groundbreaking force as one of adult entertainment's first overweight superstars.
Tyne Daly

From Cagney and Lacey to Judging Amy to television movies,
Tyne Daly is one of the most high profile large actresses in the US.

Wynonna Judd

Wynonna Judd, a legend in country music, has found superstar success with a slick R&B-leaning sound.

Chaka Khan

Chaka Khan began her musical career in 1972 singing for the funk group Rufus,
but in 1978 Khan left the band to begin a solo career, releasing her debut
 which contained the anthem, "I'm Every Woman."

Linda Ronstadt

Mexican-American songstress Linda Ronstadt has managed to plant a seed
in virtually every music format, including country, folk, pop, new wave and rock.
She has had a diverse career spanning four decades -- a string of platinum albums,
a stint on Broadway, a Hollywood feature film and several bilingual recordings.

Queen Latifah

Rapper, talk show host and Lane Bryant model, Queen Latifah is a 21st century DIVA!

Missy Elliot

After her work in the early '90s as a member of the group Sista, Missy "Misdemeanor"
Elliott moved from behind the microphone to behind the soundboard. As an R&B and hip-hop writer,
arranger and producer in the '90s, she was involved with over 20 hit songs.

Cheryl Haworth

The strongest woman in the world, and she is only 16 years old!
In 1999, she competed in Athens, Greece, at the World Championships of Weightlifting,
where she won the bronze medal, as the highest-ranked person from the United States.
The American Championships judges ranked her the number one overall athlete in the United States,
making her the youngest person ever to hold the number-one ranking in our history.

Aretha Franklin

During her amazing career Aretha Franklin has earned 20 No. 1 R&B hits
and received 15 Grammy Awards, along with the 1994 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
and the 1994 Kennedy Center Honors Award. She's had the distinction of being the
first African-American woman on the cover of Time, and the recognition of being the
first woman inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame